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History of The Games

The University of the West Indies Intercampus Games, UWI games, has been and is continuing to be a successfully held biennial friendly competition within the University family.  It stands on a legacy which started in the 1960’s. During that decade, the games rotated annually among the 3 main campuses (Cave Hill - Barbados, St. Augustine - Trinidad and Mona - Jamaica).

Throughout this period the Guild of Students, formerly known as the Guild of Undergraduates, was solely responsible for the running and management of the event. In the 1970’s, the Games went on ‘time-out’ secondary to financial difficulties and lack of adequate support from the administration of the university. This was later revamped by Mr. Winston “Fred” Green in 1975, three years after he was newly appointed as Director of Sports. The revival was welcomed by some adjustments. Four core sports were to be played (football and cricket for males, netball for females and track and field for both sexes). The Games was to be held biennially instead of once every year.

The consideration for female participants was a deciding factor in the original four sports, but was not fully actualized until the 26th staging of the event in 2007 when 10 sports were played. With this change, technically more than 10 teams will be declared as champions as some of the sports will have females competing separately. Another change implemented in 1975 is having the Games during the Easter break as opposed to previously at the end of the academic year. With a one week time constraint, the schedule for the event was tight and two optional sports were played with mixed teams in most cases. Presently, the event is again held at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Teams during the ‘revival period’ comprised of 50-55 members strong. Currently, the quota stands at 150 participants per team since the number of sports played increased. 

The friendly intercampus games have provided avenues for socialization and cultural education and integration. Students have been given the opportunity to form new, life-long friendships as they indulge in the food, music, heritage etc. of the hosting country, as they showcase their skills and vie for the title of champions of their respective sport and possibly the overall UWI Games.